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Soporte General para RetroPie
Necesito crear éste texto:


…con los siguientes pasos en Photoshop:

* Install Shaka_Pow.TTF (Right click and select install in windows)
* Open photoshop and Create a new image 8 inches by 3 inches, 72 pixels per inch (the default)
* Use eraser tool to make the background layer transparent
*Use Text tool set to Shaka Pow Upright, 150pt, Strong, in a color of your choosing. Open the Character settings (looks like a folder button) and set the VA to -22 to squeeze the letters closer together) Center the text in the image with the move tool. Right click the layer and select Rasterize Type (or Rasterize Layer depending on your Photoshop version)
* Ctrl-Click on the text layer's thumbnail to select all of the pixels in that layer and create a new blank layer. Edit -> Stroke... Width: 7.8, color: black, Location: Outside
* Create another new blank layer. Edit -> Stroke... Width: 11.5, color: white, Location: Outside
* Ctrl-Click that white layer, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to copy paste (or you can just duplicate it and then Ctrl-Click the new duplicate of the white layer).
* Use Eyedropper to pick the same color you used for the original text and paint over that white selection with that color. Then select the entireity of that layer and Free Transform move it down a bit until that last layer sticks some color out from under the white.
* Copy Black color from this dot matrix psd (https://github.com/TMNTturtleguy/ComicB ... Matrix.psd)(you also need to first resize this to 25% to match the resolution. Paste that as a new layer on top of all the others
* Use magic select and set focus to the original text layer selecting the colored letters. Invert this selection, Select->Modify->Expand 2 pixels (with "at canvas bounds" disabled). Set focus to the dot matrix layer and erase everything in the selection.
* Set the opacity of the dot matrix layer to something like 50% to better blend its color with the background primary letter color.
* Select the lowest layer (should the be colored layer that was shifted down) and Click the "Fx" button to create a double drop shadow. One at like 130 degrees, 10 px, 10%, 10px, 50% opacity. The other a copy of that but flipped 180 degrees.
* Save As... PNG. Done!

Sería muuuuy de agradecer y a los que controláis fotochop se hace en un ratito. :lengua

Gracias por anticipado!!